Freeze-A-Thon Part IV - Utilizing Your Frozen Foods

March 29, 2010

Well, you made it through the month of March here at FREEZE HAPPY! And hopefully you have a freezer filled with delicious meals, side dishes, desserts and time-savers. But now what? There are a few ways to maximize your use of these meals and make sure you are reaping the benefits of your work so far.

Here are a few tips for using your freezer food....

Sunday Selection: Make a new part of your Sunday routine. On Sunday morning, pull out meals from your freezer and put them in the fridge. This can be 5 meals (if you are completely eating from the freezer or just one meal. It's up to you. But since most of the recipes here maintain best quality if baked from a thawed state, this is an important step to reducing your stress.

Make Ahead Monday: Stretch your frozen foods and give yourself a weekly break by using a frozen meal on your busiest weekday. Our busiest day is Mondays. I am still cleaning the house from a weekend, getting back into the swing of the week and moving back into schedules. So each Monday is Make-Ahead Monday.

Stock Your Staples: You made some meals ahead this month, but don't forget to dedicate some time to freezing time savers. Like pre-made cookie balls, pre-cooked rice and ground meats and freezing leftover stock, eggs, etc.

List It: Some find it helpful after their Freeze-A-Thon to make a list of everything they made and putting it on the freezer. Then, as you pull items out, you cross them off your list. This makes knowing what you have a breeze and also lets you know what ran out first for when you are planning your next Freeze-A-Thon!

Well, this has been an amazing month, packed with information! I hope you feel confident, inspired and ready to fill your freezer!

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KittyMama March 29, 2010  

I got a freezer last weekend, and I made my first dishes this weekend ... it's so exciting!! I was literally dancing around the kitchen yesterday.

Barbara November 07, 2010  

I am pregnant with our 2nd baby. Our son just turned two. I am really looking for ways to reduce the stress so we can just enjoy more time with our boys and know that we all have healthy meals to eat!
Thanks so much for the wonderful detailed plan. I should mention that I work as an Engineering manager and your level of detail in the instructions is AWESOME. Great job and thanks!

Ranee February 17, 2011  

This is awesome! I found your blog through a fellow blogger, and this is just what I have been looking for! I have always wanted to do this, and thanks to your detailed I can! :0)

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