Freezer Vocabulary

October 18, 2008

Flash Freeze: refers to laying food in a single layer on a cookie sheet, uncovered, and keeping it in the freezer for 4 hours or until each individual piece is frozen and can be handled. Flash freezing is always followed by storing the items in a fully wrapped container or a fully sealed ziplock to prevent freezer burn.

Silpat: a Silpat Mat is a silicone mat made to fit perfectly into a standard size cookie sheet. It is completely nonstick and allows flash frozen food to be removed easily from pans without tearing. They are expensive, but I highly recommend owning two. They last forever, can be washed and will make you feel like Martha Stewart. Priceless.

Ziplock: Refers to any plastic freezer bag with a locking top. Many are made specifically for use in freezing foods. I always use single size or gallon size.

Wax Paper: is found next to the aluminum foil in your local grocery store and can be used in place of a silpat if needed, although it is not quite as effective. Wax paper should never be put into the oven or used for cooking. Wax paper is not the same as parchment paper.


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