Freeze-A-Thon Part II - Preparation

March 15, 2010

Preparation Step 1: Chop, chop, chopping

A day or two before your Freeze-A-Thon you need to prep your food. That means grating all of your cheese, chopping all of your vegetables, cutting down and chopping up any rotisserie chickens you bought for recipes using pre-cooked chicken (or cooking, cooling and chopping raw chicken for the same recipes). Fill your fridge with bowls filled with these items and you'll be ready to roll on the big day.

Preparation Step 2: Making a game plan

I like to make a game plan on just how I am going to put these recipes together and in what order. This is especially necessary if you have limited counter space. I generally group proteins together, it's easier and it helps prevent germs. So let's look at the sample menu I am working on...

These are already divided by protein, but you should sub-divide each category by meals prepared with raw proteins and cooked proteins. This will not only keep order, but will reduce risk of bacteria transfer.

So my game plan would look like this...

1. Meatloaf (raw beef)
2. Hamburger Patties (raw beef)
3. Beef Tamale Pie (cooked beef)
4. Shepherd's Pie (cooked beef)
5. Beef Quesadillas (cooked beef)

Thoroughly clean work area

6. Creamy Italian Chicken (raw chicken)
7. Thanksgiving Casserole (raw chicken)
8. Crisp Chicken Burritos (cooked chicken)
9. Chicken Parmesan (cooked chicken)
10.Chicken Quesadillas (cooked chicken)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Kristina March 22, 2010  

Just came across your site and I am SO EXCITED to be learning how to pull this off! I can't wait to find and read the next blog so that I can (hopefully) start doing this as well. I just became a stay at home mom with a newborn and I am trying to save money the best I can. Thanks so much for this helpful information!

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