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October 9, 2008

Yes, Freezer Friends....I am currently working on a bunch of new recipes to post here in the near future, but for right now I have a secret to share with you!

Neither of my girls would ever touch a teething ring. I'm not sure why, but they seemed to avoid those things like the plague. I watched them chew and gnaw on every other toy in sight, but the minute I handed them a teether they refused to put it in their mouth.

Remember our Freeze Happy mini pancakes? They are delightful to eat, but they are also a perfect baby teether. These mini pancakes taken straight from the freezer are great. My youngest has chewed them while teething when nothing else worked!

So Mommies with teething babies...give this a try!


Kristin Reinhard October 09, 2008  

Great idea!
My little boy has 5 teeth now and teething rings are no longer the hit, any calbe in sight is. So i think i might try these out!

emily October 11, 2008  

why is that? my kids won't touch them either. i always think, "come on! it's cold and plastic, it's PERFECT!" but no. they refuse. weird.

Mandy October 11, 2008  

This summer while camping my 2 year old hit her mouth on a straw and ended up with a sore in her mouth it hurt bad so to get her settled down she nawed on a frozen pancake we had in the freezer. Made it all better so she thought. Great tip Emelie!

Kristin October 14, 2008  

Our magic teething food (high chair required, though) was frozen peas. My kids who are now elementary school age to this day won't eat cooked peas, only still-frozen ones, because they're such a blast. They're fun to pick up with those little chubby fingers, they soothe the gums while you mash 'em, and they're a vegetable for added healthiness!

Leslie October 15, 2008  

My mother used to freeze mini bagels for me and my brother when we were teething; it was basically the same as a teething ring, and it got soggy enough for us to eat by the time they had thawed. Basically the same principle as the pancakes, but maybe easier to pick up at a store when you're running low on time. :D

Julie November 04, 2008  

Sweet! I'll have to try that. My little guy has his two bottom teeth so far, when the top too come in I'll be armed with this info. I do know for my first two kiddos that they loved the teething rings as long as I held them for them to chew on, I don't think they liked to hold the cold ring, only to chew on the cold ring.

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