Freezing Eggs

July 13, 2009

Sorry I took a little Summer hiatus.
We had family visiting in town as well as my college roommate and
our lives have been a whirlwind of fun, family and fireworks.
We are also preparing for our pending move into Amish country in PA.
Hopefully I can get some posts written ahead of time so I won't be absent from
this blog during the move.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming....

Many people don't realize you can freeze eggs for later use.
But why would you want to freeze eggs?

- You bought too many eggs and they are close to expiring.

- You made a recipe using just egg whites or just egg yolks and don't want to waste the remainder.

- You live far from a grocery store and want to have eggs on hand in case of emergency.

To freeze eggs:

- Crack the egg and beat until just blended, then freeze individually or together.

- Muffin tins work well to freeze them individually, then pop them out and store in a ziploc bag once frozen.

- To use, simply thaw in refrigerator.

- If you froze them together, about 2 tablespoons of the slightly blended egg mixture will equal about one large egg.

*Note: The USDA says you can NOT freeze eggs in the shell.


Kendall A. July 15, 2009  

This blog is *so* brilliant. I make so many recipes that are for 6-8 people and end up with a fridge full of leftover ingredients. I've always been vaguely intimidated by my freezer, but this blog is great--wonderful idea!

Angel July 16, 2009  

I love it, thank you for posting that. Btw, I posted that to my facebook page for all my cooking friends. I gave credit!

EllyBean July 19, 2009  

I wanted to let you know I've really enjoyed your recipes! Thanks so much for putting these out there!

I linked you here:

You can find my main blog at:

Rebecca,  October 01, 2009  

I tried to freeze eggs in ice cube trays, then I thought I would "pop them out" and store the frozen cubes in a bag. However, they got SO hard, I could not pop them out of the ice cube tray, and so had to defrost them all and use them quick!

I'm afraid the same will happen with muffin tins - any thoughts? Do those silicone muffin tins work better?

Thanks for the help.

EC October 05, 2009  

Did you ever try silicone? I bet that would work... one day I will try this... and will probably use my silicone "Hershey kiss" shaped pull apart muffin thing...

but another idea I had was... would you be able to use the foam egg cartons some eggs come in... or would the foam flake off when you took them out?

Anonymous,  October 25, 2009  

I bet if u sprayed a little cooking spray in it first they would have popped right out.

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